Zigurat is a contemporary performance piece  that combines physical theatre, butoh, music and dance transporting the audience to the depths of the human psyche. It uses as a starting source for the creative process the archetypal figures present in the Asturian and Greek mithology (also present with different names in the mythologies of other cultures). Zigurat is a journey into our deepest fears and desires. This piece of work investigates the symbols and defragmentation of dreams in a poetic form.

Directed by Ana Fernández

Created by Ana Fernández with Rabos de Lagartija

Sound and Photography: Javi Otero

Light Design: Ana Fernández

Performers: Laura Cueto, Izar Gayo, Sofía Fernández, Daniel Franco, Angélique López, Marta Medina, Satiago Medina and María Sánchez

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